Monday, November 11, 2013

Sports Day

This past weekend Yayasan Cow Kit had their annual sports day.  It was pretty much a big field day and brought up some good memories from my childhood.  It lasted pretty much all morning and into the afternoon.  All of the kids were divided up into four different teams: the red squirrels, blue pandas, orange cats, and green eagles.  So there would be no confusion all of the kids were given team shirts.  The staff and other volunteers also received shirts, and the color chosen for them was pink.  I was a little skeptical of the color but the shirt was way to awesome not to wear.

The games kicked off with a parade for the teams to all assemble in front of the crowd of parents and others that came out to view the day.  The kids were all excited and full of energy as they walked around the field to where the opening would take place.  As the opening ceremony came to a close they walked to the team tents and got ready for the start of the events.  Food and water was brought to the tents so the kids could eat and drink as they needed.  The majority of the events were different relays so there was some running and of course the silly relays that we all love.  A really awesome surprise was when the volunteers were split into four groups of 12 and a tug of war competition happened.  It was a nice break for the kids and a great way to keep the volunteers involved. Sadly my team came in second after fighting hard to gain the win.

As the games came to a close they ended with games for the staff members of YCK, and again I found myself in a tug of war match.  This time my team of staff members beat the others so it was a great victory.  After all of this the closing began.  All of the winning team was announced and the kids that competed came forward to accept their medals.  After all of the medals and other prizes were given out the moment came to announce the overall winning team.  The red squirrels came in first overall and the team erupted with excitement after hearing this news.

With that sports day came to a close and the clean up began. With all of the volunteers helping it didn't take long, and I headed home for a much needed shower and nap from being in the sun from 8am to 2 pm.  It was a great day spent playing in God's creation.